Handmade recycled cotton rag rug (medium)
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Handmade recycled cotton rag rug (medium)

These beautifully colourful rag rugs are the perfect blend of sustainable style and eye-catching individuality, a great way to brighten up any room.

Made from the discarded offcuts of the massive garment industry in India by an NGO devoted to promoting wasteland development, women's empowerment in rural areas and the fair treatment of its artisans, these rugs represent a new way to create sustainable products that not only look good, but do good too. This one is 155cm x 90cm.

Individually hand loomed they are also made to last so that each and every rug is made with the same care, attention and skill as brand new rugs that come from the same makers. You can be sure that these 'recycled' rugs will not only add a touch of vibrant colour to your home, but will do so for years to come.

WHY WE LOVE IT:  They are made from rags that have been left over from the garment industry and handmade on a handloom.

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