We are planting trees!

Setting up this little business has never been about the profit - it’s come from a desire to
give everyone a chance to make easy and achievable swaps to more planet-friendly every day products, to help people manage their mental health by encouraging everyone away from their screens and to, where we can, do some social good. 
Now we know that planting more trees isn’t going to fix the climate crisis, but it’s something -
it’s a contribution, and we all know that all of those small contributions add up
and eventually become a sea change. 
We are going to fund the planting of a tree every single day - either here in the UK or somewhere
else in the world.We are keen to ensure that we offset any carbon footprint we create
and to help the planet breathe a little more. 
We started this on day one, and so far we have already offset more than a ton of carbon. 
That’s the amount of carbon produced by driving more than 2500 miles, or the equivalent of absorbing enough carbon to save 3 square metres of sea ice. 
Again, we know this is just one action we can take to make a difference and it’s not going to change the world in itself - but it’s something, and we can all do something.
We’ll be sharing more about our tree planting, including details of where our trees are and how they’re helping their communities as the business grows. You can keep up to date with that in the
journal, or by signing up to our newsletter. 
We really want to make a difference and we hope that by putting people and the planet
above profit, we can do that 💚