When we opened Penny Laine's, just over two months ago, our core objective was to offer planet-friendly swaps for the lovely everyday things we all use to make a day in work or school a bit more beautiful.

We wanted to offer plastic-free solutions to help you with mindfulness and divert you from your screen, and our core ethos has always been to bring beautiful collections of stationery and stitch that are recycled, recyclable, sustainably produced and, where we can, made using innovatively repurposed materials (like the elephant dung stuff). Many of our products use vegetable inks, which is better for the planet – and the vats majority of what we sell is vegan, and all of it is ethically produced.

We wanted, where we could, to provide zero-waste options, adding in biodegradable and products that aren't single use.

We also know that all of this just isn't enough, so where we can we do more to keep us as planet-friendly as possible.

Where we can, we use recycled packaging to send your lovely things to you and any virgin packaging will always be recycled/recyclable/biodegradable.

We try and keep the miles low on our products buying, far more often that not, British-made products, and where it is an option, as we are based in Wales, Welsh-made products. In fact, we also offer local delivery and, if it's doable, we do those on a bike!

We also plant trees. Every day we plant a tree to offset any carbon emissions we might add to the atmosphere when we travel to pop-ups or head out to pick orders. We don't drive every day, so we are now actually carbon-positive, which is great.

Below is a link where you can see our forest grow. It's just about due an update, so expect more trees soon!

We also know that this isn't enough. We know that we need to do more, we need to keep checking in, making sure we are making the right decisions, making sure we are using the best products, keeping plastic away where we can and ensuring that the suppliers we select continue to uphold our principles.

 We hope that we can help you to make some beautiful, conscious eco-friendly swaps and that you’ll enjoy this journey with us. We are all doing our bit, but now, it’s time for us to do a bit more – and we are here to help you with that.

To watch our forest grow, check in here