As today is World Oceans Day, we thought we'd take a look at one of our favourite product materials - seagrass. 

Beautiful seagrass is one of the fastest growing natural materials there is. Found in shallow seas  throughout the world, seagrasses are flowering plants that have evolved to thrive where few other plants could survive. Brilliant for the environment, here are approximately 72 species of seagrass, and they can be found in oceans across the world - from the tropical to the Arctic. 

Seagrass meadows usually form over soft sediment. Their roots weave together under the seabed, stabilising the sand or mud they grow on. This prevents the seabed being washed away. 

Seagrass meadows are often referred to as nursery habitats because the dense layer of leaves slows the flow of water, to provide a safe shelter for juvenile fish, as well as some smaller species of fish and invertebrates. These meadows attract all sorts of breeds of fish, which feed on smaller animals or the grass itself. 

Seagrass also makes up a large part of the the Green Turtle's diet – an adult can eat around 2kg of the stuff every day

Due to the fact that they generate high amounts of oxygen, seagrasses are aptly nicknamed “the lungs of the sea” - in fact,  a single square metre of seagrass can release as much as ten litres of oxygen a day through photosynthesis.

A single square metre of seagrass can absorb 83 grams of carbon per year, and seagrass meadows hold around 15% of the carbon stored in the ocean - not bad since they only make up 0.1% of the ocean floor. 

Fast-growing and biodegradable, seagrass is a great material for baskets and other storage items, here are 5 beautiful seagrass pieces we have in stock right now.  

Happy Shopping Bag

Use it as a bag, use it as a pretty storage solution - whatever you do with it, it will being a smile to your face every time it catches your eye. At 36cm wide and 42cm high, it has plenty of space for either option. 

Find it here

Handmade seagrass baskets (set of 2)

Bringing together nature and organisation, these lidded seagrass baskets work in any room in the home. Great if you're going zero waste, or are looking for a chic organisation solution for your bedroom or bathroom. 

Find them here

Handmade nomad seagrass basket

In a neutral colour way palette of sand and black, this stylish storage solution takes inspiration from tribal influences from right across the globe. 
Large enough to store blankets or even shoes at 29cm high and wide, it could also make a stylish planter. 

Find it here

Small woven seagrass planter

This planter is just the sweetest little thing. A chic planter for your bedside table, or a smaller space, it also makes a good pen pot. 
At 9cms high and 10cms wide, it takes inspiration from far off sandy lands. 

Find it here

Handmade hanging black stripe seagrass planter

Made from one of the most planet-friendly materials there is, this hanging planter makes a happy home for your thriving plant babies.
17.5cm wide and 15cm tall, the total length of this lush planter is 58cm.

Find it here